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We are often contacted by people that have just had thier premises broken into - as such have a facility to set up security very quickly, often on the same day.

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All our internal business procedures, from vetting staff to customer service are audited by the SSAIB, and we are an approved contractor status from the SIA.

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With clear flexible terms and cost effective pricing, we send you our recommendations and a quote within hours, finding a professional security company couldn't be easier.

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keyholding service

Keyholding Services

In the event of an alarm activation at your property our team of experienced personnel at our control centre would take the call from the alarm company, rather than you, or your friends, neighbours or work colleagues. Upon receipt of the call we would issue one of our response officers with the set of keys for your property, together with instructions previously written in conjunction with you during our initial survey of the property.

Keyholding Dispatch

One of our response officers would then be dispatched immediately to the property, upon arrival, the response officer would, if applicable, conduct an internal or external patrol of the property. If, on our arrival the property exhibits signs of intrusion, then police assistance would be sought and the property would only be entered in company with police officers. Assuming that there is nothing obviously wrong with the outside of your property, the response officer would enter the building following the written instructions.

Keyholding Alarm

He would then make his way to the alarm system and silence the alarm, taking note of the activated areas displayed on the keypad. The officer would then examine the area of the activation, if possible the problem would be rectified and the alarm system would be reset and the property re-secured. If the alarm system cannot be reset, the alarm company would be contacted for an out of hours engineer to repair the fault, at no time would the property be left unattended.

Keyholding Reports

When we have finished on site a written report would be left for your attention this would detail what time we arrived, what we found, what we did about it and when we left site. The response officer would then immediately return the keys and instructions for your property back to the security of our control centre. On the next working day, our operational management team would contact you to follow up on the report and ensure everything was done to your satisfaction.